"Dutch with an American accent"

It is a paramount goal of the breeding program at Flower Farm to create a horse that is innately show-ring ready and, therefore, requires minimal preparation.

Breeding for correct conformation predisposes a horse to longevity- they will stay sound and healthy longer. Breeding for spectacular movement and athleticism gives Flower Farm horses an immediate edge in the show ring.

Our horses are superior athletes due to careful breeding of the best dam and sire lines only. These horses are offspring of Olympians and show champions on both sides of their pedigrees so they are built to perform. It is natural for them to be in a show ring performing at top levels.

Our mares are of the best quality and temperament or they do not reproduce. It is not unusual to see one of our broodmares pulled from a field and taken for a trail ride - they are that rideable and they continue to pass this quality on to their offspring.

It is our philosophy that temperament and heart are innate, inherited characteristics. We absolutely only breed horses that we want to ride!