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When it comes time to sell or lease your horse, let Ashcombe Sporthorses, LLC handle every aspect–from advertising and scheduling appointments with prospective buyers to booking a pre-purchase exam and completing all necessary paperwork to finalize the deal.

We have an international network of trainers we work with to help find a suitable buyer and also utilize digital channels to extend the reach of our client’s horses information. We do require horses that Ashcombe Sporthorses, LLC represents for sale or lease to be in training to allow our own staff to properly assess your horse’s abilities and suitability for potential buyers.

And once your horse is on the market, let Ashcombe Sporthorses, LLC find your next partner with the same network we use to sell. Whether you are interested in shopping in North America or in Europe, we have the connections necessary to find a horse that exactly matches your needs. Ashcombe Sporthorses, LLC will schedule the buying trips, pre-purchase exams, and the transportation necessary to bring your new horse home--creating a no-hassle experience for you as the buyer.

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