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The program at Ashcombe Sporthorses has more than 30 years of experience in developing both horses and riders for sport in the Hunter/Jumper ring, with horses and riders that have gone on to find success at the U.S. Junior Hunter Championships, Zone 2 Championships, USEF Pony Finals and Maclay Finals—to name a few.

We work with each client to develop an individualized program, knowing that one size does not fit all and ambitions vary from person to person.

We are a full-service facility, offering those in our program services that extend past just being in the saddle—our team will work with you to ensure all necessary registrations are complete, entries accurately submitted, transportation planned, as well as sales, purchases, and leases properly managed.

Let Ashcombe Sporthorses work with you to determine the best approach to meet your goals.


Our training program consists of professional training rides as well as exercise rides to help maintain peak performance. We believe your horse’s capacity to learn and level of fitness should come first, and therefore do not specify our training to a certain number or time span of a ride like many programs–instead, every horse is ridden like our own—they receive what they need as they need it to achieve and exceed your goals. Horses are typically ridden four to five days a week, depending on their show schedule.

Full training board starts at $1650 a month.

Lessons & Coaching

Hunter/Jumper lessons are offered at Ashcombe Sporthorses to riders on horses and ponies they own or are leasing and kept at Flower Farm (trailer-in lessons are accepted on an individual basis). Lessons are offered Monday through Friday, depending on the show schedule, and coaching is available at shows. As part of our program, we’ll work with you to develop a lesson and show plan that allows you or your child to confidently grow as a rider.

Lesson packages start at $300 a month on top of board.

All horses boarded at Flower Farm must be kept in either a lesson program or full training–we’d be happy to discuss a program that combines both lessons and professional rides with you.

Aljano JR and Madelyn Lowe —  Reserve Champion at U.S. Junior Hunter Championships, Zone 2 HOTY, USEF HOTY 3rd Place

Aljano JR and Madelyn Lowe — Reserve Champion at U.S. Junior Hunter Championships, Zone 2 HOTY, USEF HOTY 3rd Place

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