Vinca sport (Metall x Idocus)

Vinca's 2020 stallion fee is $1400, including a $500 non-refundable booking fee.
Available Fresh Cooled & Frozen semen, EVA Negative; WFFS Negative

It was never the intention of Ginger Parker to own and stand a stallion at Flower Farm, yet Vinca's temperament from day one has been incomparable to any other stallion we know - a temperament which he passes to each of his foals, who are known for their high level of rideability and levelheadedness. We invite those interested in breeding to Vinca to come and meet this spectacular stallion and see his progeny in person.

A grandson of two Olympic Stallions - Ferro and Idocus, Vinca is the result of careful breeding for the perfect sporthorse. Ferro competed in Dressage at the Olympics but competed in show jumping at the Grand Prix level before his career change. Idocus, also an Olympic dressage competitor, won the jumping portion of his 100 Day Stallion Test. On the mare lines, Vinca's paternal grandmother is by the famous foundation sire G Ramiro Z and his maternal grandmother is the Approved Premium Thoroughbred mare, Verbella. At Verbella's Mare Test, the examiner stated that there is "a responsibility to American Sporthorse breeding to keep this mare bred."


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Stallion Licensing, 2007 at Hilltop Farm (MD)
Score: 217.0
Conformation Index: 69.5
Dressage Index: 69.0
Jumping Index: 78.5

100-Day Stallion Performance Test, 2007 at Paxton Farm (OH)
Score: 111.30
Dressage Index: 114.32
Jumping Index: 116.36

Breeder: Flower Farm (USA)
Owner: Parker, Ginger/ Flower Farm
YOB: 2002
Breed: KWPN
Height: 15.3 hh
Sire: Metall
Dam: Perennial
Damsire: Idocus
Approved: KWPN, Oldenburg, Westphalian (Accepted), ISR/OLD


At his Stallion Licensing, the judges commented that Vinca, "is truly an all-around sport horse who fits the bill of what modern mare owners are seeking." Vinca's foals have been chosen by professionals as well as amateurs and junior riders - they all have spectacular gaits, as well as a high level of rideability from day one.

Vinca's pedigree makes him a suitable sire for both Dressage and Jumping horses under professionals as well as junior and amateur riders. Fiorello FF has won multiple tri-colors in the 3’6 Amateur Owner Hunters, Junior Hunters, was 2nd at Junior Hunter Finals and ribboned at WEF in 2018. Madeline Weirman's Bella Donna FF has won multiple tri-colors in the Amateur Owner Hunters division, qualified for Junior Hunter Finals as well as WIHS and Harrisburg. Kelly William's Headliner FF had a successful 2018 in the Green 3'0 Hunters and is now competing in the Adult 3' Hunters. Edelweiss FF was a successful Junior Hunter as well as High Children/Adult Jumper and competed to Third Level Dressage with scores in the mid-60s. Veronica has won multiple All-Breeds awards in the Dressage arena, qualified for the Markel/USEF National Young Horse Championships, and has competed at Third Level as a six year old while schooling Fourth Level.

Vinca's foals are also successful at inspections and on the line. In 2015 J'Adore FF was 3rd in a highly competitive GAIG/USDF East Coast Filly Championship, the highest placed yearling against two 3 Year Olds, as well as Top 5 Dressage Fillies with the KWPN and named First Premium. In 2013, Ivanica FLF was the GAIG/USDF Southeast Foal Champion. In 2012 alone, Heirloom was the GAIG/USDF East Coast Foal Champion and Fiorello FF was the GAIG/USDF East Coast Colt & Gelding Reserve Champion.

While there is no limit to the talent of Vinca's sons and daughters, we also take pride in hearing how much their owner's love to work with them on a daily basis - they are typically barn favorites, with many individuals owning more than one Vinca foal!

Aside from consistently producing an amateur friendly brain and great work ethic, Vinca is known to improve all three gaits, shorten backs, improve the head as well as neck to shoulder connection. He also tends to throw mare size.

Vinca himself has competed up to Fourth Level in the Dressage arena—earning him the KWPN's sport predicate—and has schooled all the movements of the Grand Prix. He has also competed in the Performance Hunters division, only a few weeks after being in Dressage training for most of his life - his versatility knows no end.


Vinca’s Progeny

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Vinca is available by Fresh Cooled Semen. His 2020 stallion fee is $1400, including a $500 non-refundable booking fee—please request a contract to see the discounts available, including those for early bookings, multiple mares and exceptional producers. Vinca is collected Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

If you would like to come visit Vinca in person as well as see some of his offspring, feel free to contact us and we would be happy to arrange an appointment for serious breeders.